Friday, April 26, 2013

Homemade Iced Coffee

With warmer weather in the forecast it is time that I transitioned my morning wake-me-up to something that won't get me sweating before 8 a.m.   Since it gets very hot here in the summer I prefer iced coffee when temps rise about 80F.  This usually happens May through September! 

My iced coffee recipe is super easy and only requires three things: coffee, ice and creamer.

  1. Make coffee using half the normal amount of water, use your regular amount of coffee grounds.
  2. Fill the decanter up with ice so the coffee will be further diluted and chilled.
  3. Add more ice to your thermos/mason jar.
  4. If desired, add your usual amount of creamer.
  5. Pour in coffee, mix well and you are ready to face your day.