Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Egger Chicks

We happened to wander in Orscheln's the other day and they just happened to have just gotten their first chicks in and we just happened to go check out what breeds they had new for this year that we don't have and well you know what happened from there.

The good news is we only adopted 5 more pullets, at least this way we will KNOW for sure they will be hens.  As for the chicks we are hatching from our adult flock, no idea.

We thought that adding Auracanas to our flock would add genetic diversity, more color and of course cute pastel colored blue and green eggs!


Midnight, Goldie, Pippi, and Sandy

Midnight looking very serious

All the chicks getting to know one another out in my greenhouse.  There is a big difference between the 3 week old chick, the 2 week old chick and the days old chicks in this picture.  They grow FAST!